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International Clients

Because of the large number of inquiries we receive from outside of the United States, CATS - Corporation Services of Nevada, Inc., has added this page in order to better assist you with your incorporation needs.

Our basic charges for incorporation are the same for domestic and international clients. However, processing international orders incurs additional costs for such expenses as postage/international delivery (UPS, FEDEX, etc.), handling, faxing, and the time involved in preparing the necessary international documentation. There may also be other requirements, such as opening a US bank account and obtaining a US Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN). CATS can assist you with all phases of the incorporation process, but we would need to discuss these with you individually.

Considerations for Incorporating in the United States:

CATS can process your Nevada corporation without having an Employer Identification Number (EIN) for the Corporation or LLC. However, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issues EINs to newly formed corporations and LLCs for purposes of US Federal Income Tax, as and when required.

Non-citizens of the US may be named and hold corporate positions (i.e., Director, President, Secretary, and Treasurer) in a Nevada corporation. Normally, non-paid officers and directors do not require a Social Security Account Number (SSAN).

Should your Nevada corporation or LLC be conducting business in the US, the corporation must file for an EIN or TIN. One Officer or Director of the Corporation must possess a valid SSAN to acquire an EIN for the Corporation or LLC. In applying for an EIN, the name of the individual is cross-referenced with the SSAN, and each must match. CATS cannot acquire a Social Security Account Number for any individual. CATS can direct you to the IRS for processing your EIN or TIN.

If a bank account in the United States is required, at least one officer or director must have an SSAN, and all signers on the bank account must have valid SSANs. The bank will conduct a personal credit check of each signer on the account. It may be possible, depending on the specific country, to open a bank account offshore with a letter of good standing from Nevada (which CATS can assist you in obtaining).

Most banks will not mail statements and the Internal Revenue Service may not mail tax forms to an address outside of the United States, however CATS can assist you with obtaining a local mail forwarding service. Banking and IRS processing (IRS.Gov) may be accomplished online.

CATS can refer you to qualified legal and accounting practices that can provide counsel for moderate fees before or after the formation of your Nevada corporation or LLC. Please contact CATS to discuss your specific requirements and, if necessary, to arrange a referral service, as required for your particular business requirements.

In order to keep costs low for all our clients, CATS would like to assist prospective international clients by e-mail with any questions that we may have failed to answer in our website. Or, if you have a more urgent requirement, please telephone us at our office, +1 702.367.1931, during normal business hours in the United States. So that we do not miss you, please e-mail us beforehand with the time you plan to call (You may use the form below for this purpose). Las Vegas is GMT-7.

To save you additional time and expense, please download our International Packet (Adobe Acrobat file), print the corporate or limited liability company (if in doubt, please use the corporate) application and credit card forms, and fax them back to us (USA 702-871-4086.) Please feel free to call (702-367-1931) or e-mail us if you have any questions. You can download a free Acrobat reader by clicking here. For additional information please download our packet.

Our staff have extensive international experience and we look forward to discussing your incorporation needs.

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