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Corporate Supplies

Our incorporation options feature various levels of supplies, including records books, certificates, and seals. In addition, we are pleased to offer the following packages to meet your needs and those of your clients. Please contact us to discuss in detail.


  • Corporate name gold-stamped on spine

  • Customized folding corporate seal with carry pouch

  • 20 custom-printed, numbered stock certificates

  • Timesaving preprinted minutes and bylaws or blank pages for minutes

  • Stock Transfer Ledger

  • Matching slipcase

  • Special forms section including IRS requirements for Sub-Chapter S Filings, medical and dental reimbursement plans, and Section 1244 forms

  • Specialized index dividers

Standard Kit

Standard Kit:

An attractive, efficient 3-ring turned-edge binder.  Available in black, tan green or black/burgundy. (Black/burgundy additional)

Econoline Kit:

Econoline Kit:

A gold decorated vinyl binder, corporate name is printed on replaceable gold leaf spine insert.  Available in black or brown.

The Heavy Duty Kit for durability

Heavy Duty Kit:

A rugged, extra-strength 3-ring binder that is as attractive as it is durable.  Binder is decorated in gold, and equipped with metal hinges for additional strength and security.  Available in brown, black or green.

The Deluxe Corporate Kit

Deluxe Kit:

A luxurious leather-like cover and classic rounded library spine, with triple-post binding to secure your documents.  Available in black/burgundy or green.


A variety of corporate seals


We offer a wide variety of desk and pocket seals, including corporate, rotary, and the "From the Desk of ..."

We offer certificates for every corporate need.


Our company provides lithographed Over-the-Counter and American Stock Exchange certificates.  We can supply certificates for every corporate need.

Elegant Paperweight

Elegant Presentation Paperweight


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